Vreni Giger

For twenty years now, this spirited native of the Appenzell region has been setting the standard in the "Jägerhof" in St. Gallen. Now she is setting the culinary foundations and is scoring at the Restaurant Rigiblick.

Signature Vreni Giger

Basil & Ballyhoo

Vreni Giger, the top Swiss chef, has devoted herself to the complexity of the simple and the exoticism of the ordinary. With her organic cuisine, she is always on the search for unknown nuances and new culinary dimensions: A simple onion becomes a wow effect, a combination of truffles and potato purée, a pleasure for the taste buds. An extraordinary craftsmanlike talent coupled with great sensitivity - these are the secrets of her superb cuisine and unexpected revelations of the culinary art. Bio here, basil there - and a little ballyhoo doesn’t go amiss either!

Paradise on Earth

She is a real farmer’s daughter, “one of the most renowned chefs in the country (NZZ), and is regarded as the "Grande Dame of Swiss organic cuisine" (Gault Millau Switzerland 2016).
Vreni Giger was Chef of the Year 2003 and cooked for many years on 17 points level at the Jägerhof in St. Gallen. She made a real name for herself with organic cuisine, long before it became fashionable. Now she is the main item on the agenda and the passionate hostess of the Sorell Hotel Rigiblick. She adheres firmly to her philosophy: Seasonal organic products from selected regional producers and a wide range of herbs from her own garden.