18 individual hotels at 10 different destinations

Enjoy the individual style and the outstanding quality of the largest Swiss hotel group. From A for Arosa to Z for Zurich, from Bern, Basel to Bad Ragaz and from Winterthur to St. Gallen. About 500 employees look forward to guaranteeing you a pleasant stay. With heart and passion, commitment and dedication. Welcome to the Sorell Hotel world.

Quality and individuality

The Sorell Hotels stand for a high level of service and product quality. The individual hotels are personally managed and exhibit the individual touch of their hosts. This produces oases of well-being.

Personality and style

Playing the host, with heart and soul, fulfilling wishes before they are requested, this is the Sorell Hotels ethos, because hotels are more than architecture and infrastructure. They are made up of stories, faces and feelings.

From Bio to Eco

Respecting the environment and taking responsibility are basic values and goals of all Sorell Hotels. Their commitment to an environmentally sound and sustainable way of thinking and acting leads the way in the industry.