Producers & suppliers of hand-picked quality

Organic, regional, seasonal – this has always been Vreni Giger's ethos. The points-holding chef insists on high quality, outstanding products from local producers for her kitchen. From Juuza pork from Appenzell to first-class bread and dairy products to the rare St. Gallen summer truffles. Many of the products are organic or Demeter certified.

Wood oven bread

The wood oven bread is traditionally produced with craftsmanlike skill; it is not rushed and baking agents are not used.  The bakery features one of the last authentic wood ovens, that is, the bread is baked in the same oven hole as that in which the fire is initially lit. All the ingredients used to come from controlled organic cultivation.

Bäckerei Kast, 9411 Reute

Young pork

For a long time, pork has been neglected in sophisticated cuisine. But with Juuza, it is now returning to its ancient splendour. Better meat through stress-free rearing in small groups with plenty of room to roam about. The young Juuza pigs reach a weight of around 45 kg. The meat has less fat and is lighter as a result.


Dairy products

“For us, bio-dynamic agriculture is agriculture with a future. We see our farm as an organism with fertile soil, healthy animals and wholesome food", says Dina Langenegger of Hofladen Gais. For more than 30 years, a part of the production has been reserved for curd cheese, yoghurt and cream. Many of the products are organic or even partially Demeter certified.