The work of art
for the palate

New Cuisine meets New Design

Antipasti and ambience, Design and dessert - in the Rigiblick Gourmet Restaurant, the boundaries between cuisine and design are indistinct. A delight for all the senses, and an experience for the guests.

From 2020, a new wind will blow high above Zurich, as the gourmet restaurant will be converted into an event venue from January 2020. In future, the unique location can be booked for events such as weddings, family celebrations, birthdays or company events

So use the days until the end of the year for a dinner at the gourmet restaurant Rigiblick and treat your palate whith culinary highlights created by Vreni Giger and Ronny Zipfel.


New Cuisine meets new Design

An excellent gourmet restaurant at a well-known location with a refined ambience and an impressive view: In the gourmet restaurant, a dinner turns into a remarkable spectacle for all the senses. A heady blend of inspiring atmosphere, perfect cooking and artistry.

Interior Design

The exclusive ambience is based on natural materials and modern forms. Wood and clay, curved lines and patterned textiles form an exclusive and pleasurable backdrop. The gourmet restaurant was completely re-designed in 2016.